Search Engine for Chemical and Life Science Industry

Chemical and life science products are made searchable by Innovadex, a globally active b2b search engine especially serving the needs of product developers. According to the aim product descriptions by suppliers and samples may be found. Further information is available at the Innovadex homepage. Similar services are available at by chemicals, plastics and healthcare.

Online Marketplace for Chemicals

molport is a new online marketplace specialized in chemicals and especially research chemicals. The service is going beyond common listings. It offers a search engine to search for suppliers and a special tool to search for molecules and structures in an alternate way. Its molecule search engine is able to understand visualized chemical structures and ...

Marketplace for Life Sciences and Pharma Industry

Pharmatching is a new b2b platform for the pharma industry focussing on life sciences and outsourcing. The platform intends to be an intermediary to ease business between companies and to acquire new customers. Similar services are available at the directory by healthcare market.