Online Trade on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network of the world offering various opportunities to online trade. Beside the own services of the network for online advertising and the just started social commerce service Facebook Deals, which enables enterprises to send mobile offers to Facebook users, there are some further options.

The first way is to enrich a Facebook presence with an online shop to sell own products. Providers of such solutions are ShopIgniter (link to the Facebook App: ShopIgniter), Storenvy (Storenvy) and Yardsellr (Yardsellr). Additionally there are solutions to extend existing online shops to become integrated into Facebook like the solution by Adgregate Markets (Adgregate Markets).

Concretely in the context of marketplaces, the proper topic of, marketplaces installed on Facebook are an interesting opportunity. These marketplaces are similar to those on the web and do enable to buy and sell stuff without the need of own software. Two marketplaces to be named are Addoway (Addoway) and the pure Facebook App Marketplace, significantly showing what it is about.

As to be expected by Facebook with its about 600 million users the potentials are considerable if not enormous. An indication, even in the case of still growing acceptance and ongoing development, are the usage numbers of 4 million monthly users provided by the Facebook App Marketplace within its presence.

Similar services are available at by business information and business software.

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