New Internet Marketing Options by Google

Lately Google has introduced several new and free internet marketing options regarding the integration of video within search results and the local search by Google Maps.

Regarding the integration of video within general search results Google has announced the usage of semantic data to index video. Furthermore sharing functions to pass on videos to the social network Facebook are now an integrated part. The following official blog post introduces the functions and contains a guide to use semantic data for video.

Supporting Facebook Share and RDFa for Videos

For the explicit promotion of products Google Product Search, a product and shopping search engine, now supports videos hosted at YouTube. This for now is an option with the preparation of videos as a precondition, but it does not guarantee the inclusion of videos within the search results.

Submit your YouTube videos for Google Product Search

To promote products locally Google operates the Google Local Business Center, which enables businesses to be represened within Google Maps for free. A new function called Place Pages now enable a more comprehensive presentation for both places in general and businesses. In the following blog post Google explicitly asks to add information about places and local businesses to the service.

Place Pages for Google Maps: There are places we remember!

Similar services are available at the directory by Business Information and Yellow Pages.

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